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We are inventors, software developers, and patent lawyers
We know how hard it is to write a proper provisional patent, let alone a utility patent. This software was built for you, the inventors like us


A provisional application is the first step in patent application in the United States. It is low-cost ...
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Filing a Utility Patent Application is the ultimate step in obtaining a patent. While the provisional patent ...
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Patent Analyzer

PatentAnalyzer® is a Word-based software that helps lawyers draft high-quality patent applications with ease.
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We Take The Hard Work Out Of Writing Your Patent
You came up with an amazing idea. You worked hard and created a product for it. Now it is crucial to protect all your hard work. Filing your patent is the most effective way to protect your work. But patent filing can be prohibitively expensive. Inventiv’s provide desktop tools make it possible for you to file high quality provisional and utility applications in an affordable way. A nominal amount of donation is required for each product

Save Time & Reduce Stress

We take the hard work out of writing your patent. Many have failed to file ...
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Thorough Approach

Many patent application sites don’t require inventors to submit drawings and this is a mistake. ...
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Trusty Patent is a patent application software built with the expertise of silicon valley patent ...
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